Adil Cherkaoui

  • Prénom: Adil

    Nom: Cherkaoui

    Date de naissance: 10/10/1985

    Histoire: Adil was born in the City of Casablanca in a poor neighborhood where the crime was thriving. As a young kid, he had to endure the harsh environment to survive. If not for his brother Fettah, he would have died several times because of stupid fights other kids from the hood used to pick with him. He liked to fight bare hand, but they used to cheat and sometimes use sharp objects. Fetta7 grew up without going to school and became heart stoned when he got fully exposed to the streets at a very young age. So he defended Adil on several occasions, and vice versa and thus they both grew up being there for each others.

    Adil, at 16, decided to volunteer in the army, to avoid getting killed and to leave those dangerous areas where his very poor family lived. Due to excellent results after the first year in the army, Adil was offered to be recruited early and pass his soldier exam and start a specialty in the army. Adil chose Army Logistics and quickly went through the ranks as he was very smart and was eager to learn something other than street knowledge.

    Adil's career record remains long, but last he was seen, was before he received full paid retirement as a Colonel from the army, as a logistics commanding officer in an army base near TanTan.

    Adil joined the city to see how he can finally adapt to city life and have a normal job like everyone else, or can he?

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