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Title: Community Rules
Community Rules

By registering on this Community, you declare to understand and accept the following rules:

I. Harassment and advertising are strictly not allowed.

II. Any avatar and signature whose character is either shocking or aggressive will be deleted and will have to be changed by their author at the request of the administration team or moderators.

III. Any illegal content will be immediately censored without notice. We also remind you that verbal aggression and vulgarity are not accepted on this Community .

IV. Any insult will be immediately sanctioned and the responsible person reprimanded. We, the moderators and administrators of this Community , want to have and maintain a healthy atmosphere and respectable adult behavior. It is quite possible to express anger, if necessary, without using insults.

The messages that you post can be modified or censored by the moderators and administrators if they do not follow the rules established by the charter but also by the International regulation on the contents and the respects of the rights of others.

Any message or quote, presented below, is part of the moderation and may be censored or deleted as appropriate:

1. If it is contrary to public order and morality or if its content is shocking.

2. If it is abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or offends the honor or reputation of others.

3. If it incites discrimination, hatred of a person or group of persons by reason of their origin, belonging or non-belonging to an ethnic group, nation, race or determined religion, threatening a person or group of

NOTE: It is still clear that the moderators and administrators of this Community can not see everything. If a message seems shocking or otherwise, you can report it to a moderator by private messaging.

Anyone who does not abide by the Community charter will be warned by an Administrator or Moderator.
In case of repetition, it will be the ban from the Community .

We thank you for your participation and wish you a good surf on our Community !


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